Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cat cafe

Seoul offers pet lovers a unique experience. Throughout the city are cat and dog cafes where visitors can enjoy some animal affection while sipping a latte. Eric and Addy enjoyed a cat cafe just before they went to the airport. We've been told one of the reasons for the dog and cat cafes centers around the living arrangements in the city.  Often parents, grandparents, and adult children (until married) live together.  Parents don't have room to get their kids pets, so these cafes give young students in the city a chance to hang out with the animals.  I was surprised at how friendly the cats were in this place.  You can see the pictures sof the individual cats with their names and some info on each on the wall behind Eric.
Eric found a furry friend

Addy loved the cats 

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  1. Can we go back, just so I can adopt the cats? The Bengal cat was my favorite; he was a big cuddly baby, and the shop-owner had named him "Ti-Chal" (sp?). She informed me that he was the King of the Cat Cafe.

    -- Addison Rhea